Our New Gallery (July2021) we have the keys.

Media Release – A New Art Gallery for Emu Park and the Capricorn Coast – Read More

2021 Art Workshops are returning. Check them out here.

YES  – it is true, the Gallery Building has been sold and we draw the curtain on our occupancy on the 1st September 2019
IT IS ALSO TRUE – The Gallery Group is alive and well and as creative and enthusiastic as ever.

The Art Gallery and its members are, and will continue to grow and thrive into the future. “We” have a bright future and contingency plans are being made.  – READ MORE HERE.

WOW !!!! How Good Is This ? ….. Emu Park now has its own famous Gothic Couple thanks to the wonderful talents of Emu Parks own Mosaic Master Barb Tamassy. _ read more

Barb Tamassy Mosaic Artist and her Emu Park Gothics at the Emu Park Art Gallery

Our Location

The Gallery is located right in the heart of Emu Park at No13 Hill Street.

Look for the bright red “OPEN” flag.

Our Location