About Us

We know everyone has been anxiously waiting for the Emu Park Art Gallery to open, – (none more so than the members themselves.)

We still have a few things to get sorted, then we’ll be up and running!!

We’ve had a few minor setbacks regarding some of the internal fittings that are holding things up at present, – the lighting grid in particular needs some structural adjustments and 15 more lights fitted & tested, and there is some important electrical work is still to be carried out in one of the workshops.

Aside from all that, we, the members, still have quite a lot of work to do before we are fully operational.

It is quite a big step up from our cosy little Gallery across the road to this brand new, modern facility, and we are keen to start afresh, with a professional lighting & hanging system in the main Gallery, fully equipped workshop areas, ( pottery wheels, computerised kiln, etc. ), touch screen videos, new floor to ceiling shelving in the spacious store room, and a fully stocked gift shop offering unique, quality items from our associate members and artists.

We have re-written our constitution/mission statement etc., & have set up new systems & procedures to streamline Gallery operations going forward. … (a lot of “paperwork” still to do).

Many of our members are spending hours & hours, either down at the Gallery setting up spotlights, building shelving & fittings, or at home on a computer designing and creating new signage, logos, gallery stationary & peripheral, but essential documents.etc ., in readiness for the new beginning.

So please, don’t despair, we are getting there!

We just want to have everything in place and up & running before we welcome the Emu Park community back into the cultural fold and share the new Gallery space and all it has to offer.

The Emu Park Art Gallery exhibits quality artwork from local artists including original paintings, pottery, sculpture, photography, mixed media work, fibre art, jewellery, cards and gifts.

Emu Park Art Gallery Artists